Tuesday, June 10, 2008


is supposed to be illegal. That's what "The Law" says. But that may only be when there's sex involved. And God knows there's no sex here. I mean, come on.

So my buddy Marc designed the logo to my blog that I just now put up. It's really cool. He did it for a really great price which included me mentioning who did it. But I was gonna anyway. Marc is part of the trio of guys known as Unshaven Comics, who you can find here. They're a company of aspiring-but-further-along-than-most-of-us-will-ever-get graphic novelists from the south suburbs of Chicago. On Free Comic Book Day, they did a signing at our store, and it went really well. If you're so inclined, you can support them by checking out their book, called The March: Crossing Bridges in America at good old Amazon.com... or Stand-Up Comics. Or you can e-mail Marc and tell him how cool his work is/commission some of your own, at marc@unshavencomicsonline.com.

(I'm also going to be cross-posting all my comic-related stuff at the Unshaven website, where I already have a few blogs up. If you're interested, you can scope 'em out in the "Words" section).

And while I'm at this pimping game ... I'd like to mention a few of the people who inspired me to start doing this. It would be really cool if you looked at their blogs, too (oh, and all these blogs are linked to on the right-hand side of the page, if'n you don't remember to bookmark them now):

- Attention men: from summer to winter fashion advice, this is where you should turn! (and we could all use it)

- Find yourself missing the mark with your poker play? Maybe you'll find some tips to dominate the table.

- Sure this political blog hasn't updated in a few months, but maybe some heckle-ing would convince the owner otherwise. He's strong enough to take it.

- My comic knowledge is but a trickle compared to this foss-it of insight.

And yes, all those italicized words are puns. Deal with it.

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