Thursday, September 18, 2008

Jesus Christ, how about some good news?

I mean, I would really like to hear something positive right now. Between the stock market plummeting, Hurricane Ike, houses exploding in Munster, and Frank Miller single-handedly trying to destroy comics, is there anything freaking happy to say about the world? I feel like Adrian at the end of Watchmen, sitting in front of his massive display of TVs, looking at all of the shit going on and knowing that one way or another, catastrophe is coming.

I actually went to and typed in "is there any good news?" on a whim. And it sent me to this site, the Good News Network. Top story: "Toyota Joins Climate Group to Cut Corporate Greenhouse Gases."

Well, it's not much. But it's a start.


Matt Heckler said...

Good news is lacking when the president is a guy named George W. Bush.

But here's good news: The Cubs are about to clinch the division. Not even Bush can stop them.

Eric Garneau said...

That IS good news. But can the Cubs help rally Wall Street? Time will tell on that one.

Glad to see you're posting on your own blog again!