Monday, February 2, 2009

Well that was a hell of a game.

For two teams I could hardly care about (well, I cared about the Steelers a little, thanks to having Hines Ward on my fantasy team), I found last night's Superbowl really, really interesting. It dragged a little in the third quarter but man, wasn't it pretty exciting? For me the play of the game was not Santonio Holmes' nigh-unbelievable catch to secure the Steelers' win but James Harrison's interception and 100-yard runback touchdown. Man, that was incredible.

I guess it's good the game was exciting because most of this year's commercials kind of sucked. Those GoDaddy ones... what the hell? I will not visit that website on principle. I also found the Budweiser clydesdale series pretty lacking. I loved Alec Baldwin's Hulu commercial, though. Also another thumbs up to Pepsi; that McGruber commercial (starring SNL's Will Forte and Kristen Wiig and also some other guy?) was awesome!

I enjoyed the movie trailers I saw for the most part; I was totally apathetic about GI Joe until I saw the shot of Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow dueling. That looks pretty great. Also I'm majorly psyched for Transformers 2; there were some funky-looking robots in that commercial... did we maybe see a glimpse of the rumored Constructicon combiner robot? Was that the big guy beating up Optimus and lunging at the screen at the end? Time will tell.

I found the Boss' halftime show fantastic, although honestly for me it did not top Prince's from a couple years ago (Prince had the benefit, though, of playing to a Bears/Colts contest). Still, Bruce sounded lively and sharp. I tried to nail down his setlist before halftime and I only guessed two songs correctly, "Born to Run" and "Workin' on a Dream." "Glory Days" should have been obvious but I always forget that song exists. I would never in a million years have guessed he'd play "Tenth-Avenue Freeze Out" but that was one of the coolest versions of that song I've ever heard. And you can't beat Bruce's crotch coming at you in HD.

I also really enjoyed the episode of The Office, which ran us through the emotional wringer between Stanley's heart attack, Pam's parents, and Michael's depression. Good thing those Jack Black/Cloris Leachman scenes were there to balance it out. I honestly think my favorite part of the episode, though, was Andy's dabbles into criticism: "I could be a food critic. 'Those muffins are bad.' Or maybe I could be an art critic. 'That painting is bad.'"

So, all-in-all, a fantastic night of television from NBC... that was the most fun I've had watching the Superbowl and surrounding programs probably ever. Great job, peacock!

So who will we see in the 2010 Superbowl? The Bears? The Patriots? A Jonas Brothers/Miley Cyrus halftime show?! I would really like to see at least one of these things... but if the mood was right... oh, I could go for all three.

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